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Clubs & Societies

Clubs and Societies are a great way for students to meet other students from all over the college. We here at college want to provide as many clubs and socities as possible but for that to happen we need your help, any club and society that is set up is run by you, the students, along side your studies. This will allow you to develop a wide range of skills and allow you to meet new people and to help run a club that not only you are interested in and passionate about but also your fellow students could be as well. As it'll be run by you effectively you're volunteering your own time to do this which is also a great thing to put on your CV or on a university application.

If you want to set one up please contact us

Setting up a club or society

  1. No club or society can receive funds from the Union or use Union facilities without recognition in each academic year by The President & Deputy and the College’s Executive team.
  2. To be considered for recognition, the club or society will lay before the President & Deputy an acceptable constitution, a plan of activities and a list of paid up prospective members in accordance with the clubs and societies schedule.
  3. No club or society will be recognized if its objects conflict with those of the Union. However, this restriction will not be interpreted so as to prevent the establishment of political, religious or ethnically based clubs and societies.
  4. Clubs & societies should be open to all students
  5. Any club or society that wishes to be recognized by the Union will present to the President:
    • a list of 5 signatures of members
    • the proposed weekly day & time, membership fee, teacher (if one is needed)
    • the name of the club/society
    • the date, time and location of their first meeting (the Deputy should attend this meeting to make sure a Chair is fairly elected.
  6. At the end of the academic year the chairperson can continue their role until the new academic year if they are continuing their studies at CCN. If they don’t want to continue in the role, the Deputy President will take responsibility until the new academic year when they can organise an election for a new chair.

Money for clubs and societies

  1. To receive funding an eligible club/society will submit a budget proposal to the President and Deputy President. The President and Deputy will then make a funding recommendation to the College’s executive team. This budget proposal will then be ratified at Student Parliament.
  2. Allocations will be made on the basis of the level of activity in the club/society; the number of members it has and special equipment and travel considerations.

Meetings of clubs and societies

  1. The annual general meeting of each club and society will be held before the end of October of each year.  This meeting will elect the club or society Chair.
  2. Each club or society should have a minimum of one general meeting per term where all committee members of the respective club/society should attend, unless reasonable apologies are submitted.
  3. The quorum of each club/society general meetings will be 50% plus one of the club or society membership.
  4. The Chair is responsible for arranging the dates of meetings and must inform the members at least five working days in advance. Agendas should be available two days in advance of the meeting.
  5. Changes to any club or society can only be made at a club or society’s general meeting and must be ratified by the Deputy President.

Responsibilities of clubs and societies

  1. No-one from a club or society can commit either the club or society or the Union to any expenditure without prior authorization from the Deputy.
  2. The club or society will be responsible for promoting itself during induction week to encourage new membership.
  3. All clubs and societies’ Chairs will produce an activities report and an income/expenditure sheet to the Deputy at the end of each term.
  4. The club or society will not hold its own bank account and all its finance will be administered through the Union.
  5. The club or society will hold no funds whatsoever outside the Union accounts.
  6. The chairperson of the club/society will be responsible for the smooth running of any social events and general meetings; publicizing general meetings; providing agendas and taking minutes of the meetings.
  7. The Chair will also ensure that an accurate list of all equipment purchased is kept and all equipment is returned to the Union at the end of the academic year.
  8. The Chair will ensure that all income received by the club or society is paid directly into the Union accounts and that no funds received by the club/society are withheld.
  9. Failure to abide by these regulations and the Union constitution can result in suspension of the club or society by the Deputy.

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