Last year we had many requests from you to improve the food served here at college. You wanted healthier options, a wider variety of options, halal meat, and more veggie/vegan/gluten free options.

We started to meet with Caterink reguarly. Caterlink run Starbucks, Costa and the Wroxham canteen. We were going to meet with Debut too but since the food they serve depends on the curriculum they have for students we agreed that they should not have to change their options. In general students were a lot more satisfied with the food served at Debut anyway.

Our successes with Caterlink last year included:

Vegetable pots with dips - we haven't seen as many of these as we would have liked so please keep pressing for them with us!


Walkers crisps

Helathy salad pots

Cereal bars


Caterlink have agreed to also start doing the following:

A 'go small' option - this would be available to those students on a £2.40 meal allowance so that they could have a smaller version of the main meals served at the Wroxham canteen. However we have not seen this in action yet so please feel free to join us in encouraging Caterlink to make this change. 

Overall last year we saw some major changes. Although we still may not be completely happy with the food served at college it is slowly starting to improve. 

We are always welcome to new food suggestions which we will take forward to the caterers for you. Please try and think of specific suggestions e.g. rather than saying 'healthy options' say that you want something like 'vegetable cous cous salad'. 


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