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President - Luke Mitchell

"I’m Luke Mitchell and I’m the President of the Students’ Union here at City College Norwich. I’ve been involved with the Union for 2 years now, starting in 2016-17 as LGBT+ Officer, and since then in my current position where I look forward to spending the next year making sure our union is as lively as possible!

I studied my A levels here at the college, and in that time I made loads of friends, matured as a person and gained valuable skills which I will carry with me through the future, and I encourage you to do the same.

I am also a member of the College Executive Management team and I’m a Governor who sits on the Board, Curriculum and Standards Committee and the Business Committe. I have the power to bring the student voice to any level of the corporation, so I encourage you to come to the Students’ Union about any issue, concern or to give feedback so we can work together with the whole college to make positive changes. You can stop by the office, call me at 01603 773077 or email me at"

Job Description:

A member of the Executive Committee and shall be responsible 
for the co-ordination of the activities of the union’s officers, delegating duties 
when appropriate, shall:

i. Be the chief accounting officer for the Union and will ensure that the annual 
accounts are prepared and will be responsible for their presentation at the 
appropriate committees. 
ii. Be the Chief Learner Advocate. 
iii. Be the prime representative of the Union and seek to involve as many 
students in the Union as possible and shall take a leadership role in the 
promotion of the interests of Union Members. 
iv. Attend the Colleges’ Corporation Board meetings and other relevant College 
committees and upon approval of the Board shall be a Student Governor. 
v. Lead the Unions delegations to NUS annual conference, regional 
conferences and any area conference and report back to Student Parliament 
on these events. 
vi. Be the chief signatory to Union accounts if over the age of 18. 
vii. Be responsible in maintaining communication between the Union and the 
College and will act as the Unions prime representative when liaising with 
the College regarding matters affecting students. 
viii. Meet with the Returning Officer and ensure that elections happen in 
accordance with the Union Constitution. 
ix. Inform Student Parliament of any resignations made by Officers of the 
x. Be the Chairperson of the Unions Executive Committee meetings. 
xi. Ensure that training takes place for the Unions Executive Officers following 
their election. 
xii. Maintain all legal documentation relating to the Union, including the 
Constitution, instrument and articles of government, the Union Code of 
Practice and all Legal Advice. 
xiii. Ensure that all officers of the Union compile a written or give an oral report to 
the Student Parliament. 
xiv. Co-ordinate the production of the Union Annual Report which is presented to 
Student Parliament for approval. Upon approval this should be submitted to 
the College Corporation Board by the outgoing President. 
xv. Be a member of the Student Parliament and ensure that all decisions made 
are acted upon. 
xvi. Be responsible for the Staffing of the Union and any discipline issues. 
xvii. Be the public spokesperson of the Students’ Union. 
xviii. Ensure student representation in student disciplinary and academic appeals 
and will be responsible for their appointment. 
xix. Act reasonably and prudently, in accordance with the Constitution in all 
matter in the best interests of the Union. 
xx. Be responsible for paying Union bills promptly and for sending out relevant 
invoices for money owed to the Union. 
xxi. Assist in the elections of Student Parliame

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