Deputy President - Dan Goulborn


"Hi I'm Dan, I was previously a student here studying A-Levels in History, Politics and Sociology. Towards the end of my studies I knew I wanted to take a gap year before going off to university to study History, I heard about the opportunity to be a part of the Union. I’m now the Deputy President at the Students’ union here at City College Norwich. 

Being the Deputy President means being a voice for the students who attend here and taking on many responsibilities within the union. If you ever need to contact me, I’m located in the Norwich Building in room A40a, you can also reach me on my email address which is or phone on the office on 01603 773425. I look forward to meeting you and wish you all the best here at City College Norwich."

Job Description:

A member of the executive committee, shall, under the direction 
of the trustee board: 
i) Regulate expenditure of the union in such a way as to maximise union 
ii) In conjunction with executive committee, co-ordinate clubs and societies. 
iii) be responsible for petty cash, and present a record of petty cash 
transactions to each executive committee meeting 
iv) Present relevant reports to the executive committee 
v) Be a signatory to the union account, if over the age 18 
vii) In conjunction with the president, ensure that all financial transactions are 
legitimate, and the necessary paper work and receipts are kept for all 
viii) Allocate grants to clubs and societies and monitor their expenditure 
ix) Provide guidelines to all budget holders on financial control and planning 
x) Carry out other duties as laid down by the executive committee and Student 
xi) Be a member of Student Parliament, and present relevant reports 
xi) Produce a student newspaper and maintain the Unions internet presence. 
xii) Attend Health & Safety Committee on behalf of the Student Union 
xiii) Arrange a Freshers fair at the beginning of the academic year and a 
refresher’s fair in January 
xiv) Facilitate an events committee, organising Union events. 
xv) Shall be responsible for finding students who will act as “panel members” in 
relation to appeals on the Academic, or Disciplinary procedures. 
xvi) in conjunction with the Further Education Officer and the Higher Education 
Officer be responsible for dealing with higher education students’ and further 
education students’ concerns, aspirations and problems in relation to their 
xvii) In conjunction with the President arrange training for course representatives 
in conjunction with the President and NUS 
xviii) In conjunction with the president meet with departmental heads to develop 
and maintain a system for the election of course reps 
xix) Act reasonably and prudently in all matters, and in the best interests of the 


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