Roles available

Here at City College Norwich Students' Union, there are 2 Full-Time Sabbatical Officers (Luke Mitchell the President and Jess Crowley the Deputy President) who work alongside a team of up to 8 Executive Officers, and any volunteers that wish to be involved. 

The Executive Officer roles are:

Full Time Sabbatical Officer Positions

  • President
  • Deputy President

Student Executive Officer Positions

  • Further Education Officer (if you are an access student you are an FE student so can run for this position)
  • Higher Education Officer (if you are an access student you are FE so are unable to run for this position)
  • LGBT+ Students Officer
  • Women's Officer
  • Mens Welfare Officer
  • Disabilities Officer
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Students Officer
  • Environments Officer

The President and Deputy are sabbatical officers in full-time paid employment for the union, they are based in A40a on the bottom floor of the Norwich Building right next to Starbuck. Anyone who is a current student can run in the annual elections for these positions, but you need to be finishing your course (perfect for people wishing to take a gap year or deferring university). All the other positions are voluntary and can be as involved as they like in the day to day of the union.

By running for an Student Executive Officer position you will get the opportunity to come to NUS National Conference with us, set up and run campaigns and events, run / set up / support clubs and societies, have your say in meetings on topics you are passionate about and many many more exiting opportunities, these roles are what you make of them and look amazing on ucas applications and your CV. Elections are heald for these positions in October, come to the Students' Union in A40a in the Norwich Building, to a drop in session at Norfolk House, Paston or Ipswich Road Campuss of email us at for more infomation on how to apply or what to do.

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